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Hello again!

Today I'm announcing two things - the new version Alpha 10, and an upcoming music event that takes place in Kemoverse Online! But before then, let me just plug our ko-fi in here - if you like our continued development and would like to see this game blossom in to a living social hub - then please consider throwing some bucks our way. We're moving countries and all soon, so we could use all the financial help we can get. Oh, and spreading the word helps a lot too. 

Anyways, let's start with the most exciting: a music event in Kemoverse Online! How cool is that? Yeah, I've teamed up with some buddies I got to know from my VRChat days, and they were interested in playing a live dj music event straight to Kemoverse Online. I've worked tirelessly for a few weeks now shaping up the game: improving the in-game browser such as changeable url, automatic cef addon downloading and correct aspect resizing, as well as other improvements to game mechanics: skippable cutscenes, fixed height of retargeted animations, moving my animation code to native module for much better performance, and changing the savefile save format to allow for multiple characters. There's also two exciting new things in the game:

Dogs! Yes, you read that right. The game now features dogs ("canidae") as a playable race, alongside the cats ("felinae"). Took a while to get here! They're slightly limited in terms of clothing and accessories compared to cats, but that'll be a work in progress. Still, it's pleasant to see a start of variety among our current players. So yeah, if you'd like to check it out, start the game with the new version! The first time you run it, your current savefile will be converted to the new format. Then, close and reopen the game. You should see a character picker at the beginning. Just click new character and check out the dogges ^-^

Emoter, Poser, and Animator. The emote tab that used to be at the bottom has now grown in to three separate windows that you can click at the top, so let's discuss them all:

  • Emoter is like the previous bottom tab: it lists all the built-in emotes. Now, however, it also includes custom emotes that you can create through the Animator. Let's get to that in a bit.
  • Poser allows you to manually pose your arms and head. You could already pose your head before by click-dragging left mouse button, but this does it without moving the camera. You can also pose your arms, which is really cool. You can now pet or hold other players, pose items such as the flashlight, or just flap your arms around. You can also change the face and hands, so for example, closing your eyes and tying the hand in to a fist. Nice for screenshots and makes standing around a bit less boring!
  • Animator is for creating your own emotes that shows up in the emote list. You can pick from several presets for lower and upper body, and create a timeline that changes between them. You can add and remove frames and specify the length of them. Right now the few animations are dance-focused, but they will be expanded in the future to include a bigger variety of different movements. 

So yeah, in summary, this update brings more self expression with a new race and a new posing/animation feature! Of course, the thing that led me to create this is of course the upcoming event, which is what I want to talk about:

KemZRave 1

This evening, today (in about four hours) will be the first livestreamed music event in Kemoverse Online. Me and Lumi have decorated the roof of the school to have a nice and comfy little music spot where our DJers will be hanging out and playing awesome electronic music. If you log in, you'll also be able to unlock a special tshirt pattern that will only be available during this event ^-^ So come hang out with us, check out how far the game has come, and just spend a nice evening together with others! We'll come online half an hour beforehand if you want to check out the place before the action starts. Oh, and the event will also be livestreamed here, so do not worry if you can't attend!

See you in the Kemoverse!

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